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Physics has switched to CommonMark

Yesterday, I announced on Meta Stack Exchange that we'll switch all sites on the Stack Exchange network to CommonMark, a standardized and well-supported Markdown flavor. You can read up on the ...
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What does the sentence below, which is only visible in the edit mode of an answer I gave, mean?

In this answer I posted there is a "sentence" visible when you look at the end of the edit version of the answer (visible when you "push" the "edit button" below the answer). The sentence isn't ...
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Buggy behaviour of spoiler tags when they contain both text and images

I know that we don't use the spoiler syntax in Markdown very often, but it seems it's a bit buggy, at least on this site. Consider the following test of the spoiler tag, containing both some text and ...
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How to add a subscript character inside an equation

I want to add something like FA (the force at point A.), I've been doing it this way: $F$<sub>$A$</sub> but inside an equation starting with 2 dollar signs(I want it to be written on a separate ...
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Can we have a magic link to the homework policy?

I just stumbled on this fantastic list of magic shortcuts: Supported magic links: [meta] – link to the current site's Meta; link text is the site name (e.g. "...
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