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Questions tagged [mathjax]

For questions about MathJax, which is used to write mathematics on Stack Exchange sites.

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Please link the MathJax help to the Meta.Math.SE tutorial

The Ask a Question page shown to new users contains a lot of guidance, including a link to MathJax help: Now, there are strong UI reasons why this link is nowhere near as useful as we'd hope, but ...
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Could we link the "Image equation to TeX" question from TeX SE somewhere?

It has been discussed before that one should not post images of text or formulas. However, many users still do – probably because they consider typing all this text too much work, which to some degree ...
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Apparently incomplete support of mhchem on Physics

$\require{mhchem}$ Inspired by a question on (now closed, because it was a cross post from Phys.SE), I observe the mhchem extension can be used here provided the question/answer contains ...
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Edited MathJax not properly rendered in Review queues

I posted this question on Stack Exchange Meta as a bug. I'm posting it here for informational purposes and I'd suggest going to the Stack Exchange Meta version and upvoting that if you want (or ...
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Problem in viewing MathJax formatted writing in smartphone

I access this site using Chrome from myou smartphone. Recently, the MathJax formatted writings appear overlapped, for example in the following answer: What could be the reason for this? Update: ...
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Please add a link to the Meta MSE MathJax tutorial to the editing help

If you're asking a question and you click the help button, it will send you to the Editing Help page, which has a LaTeX section that looks like this: This is a perfect place to have a link to the ...
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If MathJax renders pure unicode, store that directly instead of re-rendering formulae

Take e.g. $\delta A$, which is just δA in some other font. Why should it be rendered over and over again when it is sufficient to store the unicode text together ...
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Can we have some MathJax functions pre-defined?

Can we have some MathJax functions pre-defined so that it is easier to write. For example: \ket{\psi} giving |\psi \rangle <...
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Formulas are flickering in the preview as I type

When I typing my post MathJax re-render the preview after each key press, leading to an annoying flicker in the preview area as I'm typing. When there are lots of formulas it also slows down the ...
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MathJax in Tag Wiki

While editing a little bit in the tag wiki lately, I noticed that the preview for MathJax is somewhat…strange. Examples include: it takes much longer for the preview to update in the tag wiki edit ...
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RSS-Feed and Latex

I love using RSS-feed and I wanted to use it for this site too. The problem is that my RSS-Reader does not render Latex so I get the source code of Latex and trying to render Latex in my head is not ...
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MathJax alignment issue

update: this issue is connected with Chrome's text zoom feature - see the bottom of this post. I quite often see this sort of thing: Sometimes when I reload the page, the equations will go back to ...
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Include the cancel package for LaTeX

In explaining derivations and proofs, it is really handy to show terms that go to zero or cancel with each other. Is it possible to include the cancel package or something equivalent in the MathJax ...
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Is there simple way to color latex equations?

Is there simple way to color background, highlight some parts of background, equation or some parts of equation? something like these Latex codes: {\bgcolor{color name}{equation}} or {\bg{color name}{...
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MathJax not working in some cases

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but I'm experiencing rather strange behavior of MathJax in Google Chrome. On some stackexchange sites the LateX equations don't render. On ...
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A toolbar for MathJax commands would be helpful

As I was just writing my answer, I felt the need for the in-built MathJax toolbar for ease in writing equations and formulas without adding commands like \pi R^2 inside double $s. It will just create ...
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Bordermatrix in MathJaX

It would be nice to be able to make matrices with column and row names using \bordermatrix{} Producing something like this: This has also been requested on Cross ...
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