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For (meta) questions about the policy to disallow non-mainstream physics questions on the main site. For details, see the tag wiki.

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Mainstream Physics: Unconfirmed Particles

Asking regarding potential questions I might pose soon. While asking a well formulated question about tachyons in special relativity is allowed (as I did last week), I’m wondering how far that goes. I’...
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What is the definition of fringe science/was someone like Bruno Augenstein a fringe scientist?

Years ago, I posted a question about using transfinite arithmetic in relation to renormalization, and if memory serves me right, my question was closed for being "fringe." So imagine my ...
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How is my question off topic when I'm asking what would be the outcome of a particular experiment and what would the results mean?

My question here was recently closed marked as off topic and not main stream physics and serially downvoted with no one even understanding the question in my opinion. I don't think this is fair. I ...
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Flagging non-mainstream comments in questions and answers

In this question Why doesn't a photon state have to be infinite in length? in the answer given by [user A] there is a comment by [user B] that is advertising his/her personal theory on photons. I ...
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Banned because 1 question was considered not mainstream?

The only indication that I got was that someone considered this not to be mainstream physics. They don't explain why or what I could edit to improve my post. Furthermore, this is a legitimate physics ...
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Why has my answer to whether the fine structure constant been deleted?

My answer to this question on whether the fine structure constant can be calculated has been deleted by a moderator on the basis that the linked article is to a "non-mainstream publication." ...
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Why was this question down voted and closed as non-mainstream?

The question Are the following claims flaws in Relativity? was closed for not being mainstream physics, and it received a number of down votes. Now, I haven't studied SR past brief coverings in my ...
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Where should I put this question?

I have a question about my Physics Stack Exchange post: Is it sufficient to have some anti-gravity generator to make an Alcubierre drive? Where should I ask this question?
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Are future physics discoveries properly categorized as mainstream or not? [closed]

"Non-mainstream" physics is often equated to fallacies and fringe theories, including on this forum. Mainstream physics is rigorously categorized in specific historical scientific contexts, ...
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What is "mainstream physics"?

Today, two of my questions were closed seconds after I wrote them as not about "mainstream physics". So, I am asking, what is "mainstream physics" then? For instance, is ...
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What would determine applications of established science to new systems, to which they clearly apply?

I read in an answer to a question I read that a defense for if a question is accused of being non mainstream is applications of established science to new systems where they clearly apply. One naive ...
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How is this question about a black hole passing through the solar system non-mainstream?

A question of mine was closed on the grounds of being non-mainstream. Mainstream is defined below: Mainstream physics is physics which has been accepted by a significant portion of the physics ...
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Why is the 'Physics' Stack Exchange site closing some interesting questions?

I came to the main site for searching an interesting question about a possible universe inside atoms. Here is a list of questions: Universe inside atom Does our Universe reside in the smallest ...
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Why would someone think this question NOT mainstream physics?

I've asked a question that's mostly about optics with a little touch of thermodynamics to it: Can you use an invisibility shield to insulate from infrared radiation? But I'm getting 2 close votes to ...
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Is this question really non-mainstream?

The question What's wrong with this argument that Newton's second law implies all potentials are quadratic? has been closed as being “non-mainstream”. But one could argue that this would come ...
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Are negative mass questions on/off topic?

I searched for the question about negative mass and they aren't closed as off-topic. But recently I posted this question and somebody voted to close this as off-topic (non-mainstream). So I want to ...
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How does the reason for closing a question correspond to the actual question?

My most recent question, Why do we assume fundamental properties like charge or mass do not consume anything? (currently deleted while I rephrase it), was put on hold given the following reason: "We ...
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Suggesting a tag: "crackpot_theory" (you get the idea)

Re Is there any reliable place where i can put my theory of universe (it explained/predicted the behavior of almost everything i came across) and my comment to it. Lots of similar things have been ...
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How can "torus shape" planet be "non-mainstream" physics?

Refer to this question: How would the rotational and orbital mechanics differ on a torus-shaped planet as compared to a spherical planet? This is asking about torus-shaped planet rotational and ...
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Why was my question about Quantum Mechanics and FTL drives put on hold?

So, I just asked a question (FTL drives and Quantum Mechanics experiments) about the intersection of quantum mechanics, FTL drives, and some form of relativity (not sure if it's general or special), ...
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Should this really be put on hold?

Why are questions concerning the consistency of different parts of mainstream physics with one another considered as questions about non-mainstream physics and put on hold? I asked a question about ...
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The mainstream-physics close reason has a link to meta with the user ID of a moderator. Can it be removed?

Basically, what it says on the tin. The mainstream-physics closure dialog, which is accessible on the closure dialog as well as on closed questions (example), contains a link to the mainstream-physics ...
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Reserving the use of the 'non-mainstream' close reason

In my opinion, the purpose of the 'non-mainstream' close reason is for non-mainstream theories. It's for people who have invented their own theory of everything, put it on Vixra, self-published a book ...
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How does one know if his question is non-mainstream?

How can one know if his or her question is non-mainstream? Just by asking it? Or is it supposed that the one who asks knows that for him/herself?
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Is there a StackExchange place where I can ask questions about non-mainstream physics?

I have some ideas about sub-quarks and sub-leptons and the structure of them. I can't ask this question on the PhysicsStackExchange place because the only questions you can ask there are about ...
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Crackpots and links to crackpot articles in their profile

So I see that this website is tolerant of people (which I choose to call "crackpots") which have links to their own dubious work in their profile. These people even have thousands of points of ...
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Is new physics a bad fit for Stack Exchange?

My interest is in new physics, from the point of view of propulsion, and experiments that can confirm or disprove related new hypotheses. New physics attracts people who want to casually speculate and ...
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What are the criteria for journals being "reputable" hence mainstream physics?

"Mainstream" physics is a requirement of the Physics SE site and the definition of "mainstream" is in terms of "reputable" journals. There are a lot of journals that cover or intersect with physics. ...
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Questions "about" vs "in" non-mainstream physics

In a comment on the accepted answer to this question about non-mainstream physics, @jdm said: +1, I'd add two things: 1) Questions about non-mainstream physics should be ok, e.g. ("Have Podkletnov'...
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Are the implications of magic on-topic?

I was about to post a question here, but felt unsure if it was topical here, or if I should post on World-Building instead. In a nutshell, my question has a premise that something magical (and ...
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Is Physics SE being targeted by people opposing the modern view of physics, and so called myth busters?

I have only been a member for a few months, but find the site both very good, and pretty fair. Not saying all is perfect, but enough good, imo. I looked to see if there was a similar question to the ...
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Flagging low quality answers: an experiment

Abstract: We are experimenting with expanding the scope of the very low quality (VLQ) flag. For two weeks, August 8-21, moderators will not decline any VLQ flags. We will allow these flags will sit in ...
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Very Naive Questions

I am troubled by the comments on this question and many others like it. The (obviously very naive) questioner posits a physically impossible situation (often FTL travel as in this case, but there are ...
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Why can't I ask hypothetical questions?

Why can't I ask hypothetical questions about situations that can't happen in the first place, if I'm interested in the resulting phenomena and/or said situation will cause?
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When is it appropriate on Phys.SE to ask the question: What other models would explain our universe?

The experiments at LUX and Xenon500 have all but ruled out particle form of dark matter. If DM exists in our galaxy and interacts with matter, we would have seen it by now. Also, there have been ...
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Question about flagging policies

I am wondering as to the exact policy of flagging answers. I have flagged answers which promote non mainstream science four times. Of these four times, the first three times the flag was accepted. ...
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Where should I ask a question about abstract physics/economics/information theory that I invented?

I wrote this and a couple other related papers and I'd like to discuss, where should I go?
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Splitting EmDrive questions into reference-request and reference analysis

We just got another EmDrive question,, and much as you would expect it ...
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Adding "Non-mainstream physics" to the answer deletion/flag reasons

Okay, so we have the question VTC reason of "we deal with mainstream physics..." yadda yadda yadda. And everyone is grateful for it. But what about answers? Surely everyone would agree that we don't ...
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Concerning appropriate questions: Where is "mainstream physics" emphasized?

In a comment to my answer here I was asked: and can you provide source for that this forum is only for mainstream physics, what is mainstream? I thought that this was written in the help page, but ...
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Why were well-known, valid solutions of the GR "off-topic" or "non-mainstream"? (suggestion)

I've found multiple times the closing of questions about the topic of general relativity/solutions of the einstein field equations. Examples are here and here. These judgement was: "not mainstream". ...
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Is non-mainstream physics appropriate for this site?

Is non-mainstream physics allowed here? What defines non-mainstream physics? What sort of questions and answers are disallowed by this policy? What should I do if I see a question or answer containing ...