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4 answers

Somebody scraped our answers and sold them as a book

I don't know if this has come up in discussion, but somebody scraped various tags on Phys.SE and copy-pasted the results together into several books, including one on QFT, one on GR, and one on optics....
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What are the criteria for journals being "reputable" hence mainstream physics?

"Mainstream" physics is a requirement of the Physics SE site and the definition of "mainstream" is in terms of "reputable" journals. There are a lot of journals that cover or intersect with physics. ...
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3 answers

The Best of Stack Exchange Book

Update: In response to the positive feedback progress is now being made towards producing the first ever physics SE book. If you would like to see your own high quality answer in this book, please ...
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Publish annual Q&A journal

I was thinking of asking the moderators to publish a journal annually, containing the best 100 questions of the year, and their detailed discussion sessions, so that if someone searches for a ...
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Publications Citing Physics SE?

What publications (papers, books, etc.) have cited questions or answers of Physics StackExchange?
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Answering questions on SE before publishing?

Can I answer a Stackexchange question if some of the content will be published in a paper in the near future? Could it impede my publication?
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3 answers

Is it appropriate to ask for criticism of a paper one is writing?

Is it appropriate to ask for criticism of an unpublished physics paper one is writing? Not sure how such a question should be phrased. An example is "What's the worst mistake I've made in this paper ...
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How should we assign credit for ideas?

Professional physicists often jealously guard their good ideas, since they are afraid that competing researchers might steal them and publish first. As a junior scientist, I am sometimes appalled by ...
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