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How to Help the Physics.SE grow (member-wise)? Qualitatively as well as Quantitatively

Recently some of our (high rep) professional users have either suspended their activities or deleted their account. For example : Ben Crowell (Deleted) dmckee --- ex-moderator kitten♦ (suspended his ...
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Badly formatted questions and answers

There are several questions like this one, which have basic formatting issues. I'm not talking about formulas, which are not in MathJax, but rather no punctuation (not the case in the linked question)...
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Can we do better at reducing bike-shedding?

"Bike-shedding" is a phenomenon where there is excessive discussion of a topic because it seems easy, so everyone feels that they are competent to discuss it. We seem to have a couple of recent ...
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Does it matter if answers are correct?

I'm struggling a little bit with this site and I think I'm starting to put my finger on why. Physics is about the nature of reality, there must be (at some level) a way to say something is ...
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What to flag for "lack of basic research" questions? [duplicate]

There have been a variety of questions that shouldn't be allowed under current site rules because they are very clearly lacking basic research - 2 minutes on google would probably help them with their ...
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Should we leave super wrong highly downvoted posts visible or should we delete them?

This answer (10K only; screenshot) is an example of a "super wrong" post. For the purposes of this discussion, a "super wrong" post is an answer which not only is factually incorrect but is incorrect ...
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Will I still get banned?

I have 2 questions with one upvote, 3 ques with 2 upvotes and other one with 2 downvotes. Will I get banned if a question I post next is of low quality? P.S.: I got banned yesterday but the ban was ...
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Can I get a warning before I am suspended?

I have been suspended for asking too many low quality questions. They are important to me. Is there a way to check how if I am close to getting suspended again?
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How should we deal with upvoted incorrect answers?

When a question makes the HNQ list, upvotes and answers from outsiders flood in. The score distributions on these questions are highly abnormal. Often, a mediocre answer that misses the actual point ...
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Few questions by medium and high reputation participants - EDITED: how to get more? [duplicate]

EDITED after the question was marked as a possible duplicate: I don't think that all items noted in the comments were part of answers before, not fully developed and explained, and which could be ...
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What qualifies as a 'low-quality contribution' on Physics SE?

Something tells me this question is a duplicate of something. I noticed somewhere that accounts can be suspended for 'low-quality contributions'. Could you point out what constitutes a 'low-quality' ...
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