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How is this question "about engineering"?

Why was this question Why is the ground warm during winter and vice-versa? deemed to be "about engineering" and closed, when the OP clearly stated he was not asking about how to employ the ...
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Reopening a question about the recent LIGO event

My recent question about the significance of further LIGO events was appreciated, it appears, by all but five people. I'm lobbying for reopening. This question is not too broad--it's exactly ...
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Why is this question (still) closed?

H${}$i all. Please, have a look at What is a complete book for quantum field theory?. The post is a standard resource-recommendations request. In fact, it is the canonical post when it comes to QFT ...
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Please reopen my question about a physical limit

I asked this question about what it is (if anything) that provides and upper limit to the speed of a turbine in a fluid stream: Maximum rotation rate of a turbine in a fluid with a given speed It was ...
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Why was q721019 closed?

If you know what Poiseuille's equation is then Physiology question about velocity and radius is perfectly clear and a straightforward answer solves the questioner's conceptual difficulty. Yet the ...
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Should we offer more feedback when we vote against reopening a question?

Here on Physics.SE, it culturally seems to be much easier for us to close questions than to reopen them. Recently, I've noticed several cases where a closed question, which appears to be on the edge ...
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Is this question off topic? or is it actually unclear, and if so, what remains unclear about it?

I have a very well defined mathematical problem ABOUT physical systems that I put a lot of work into trying to state clearly but it was closed as unclear: Superluminal change in moment implies ...
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Two similar-looking mechanics questions are not duplicates

This question about which way a bicycle will move when the pedal is pulled horizontally was closed as a duplicate of this question about how a yoyo will move when it is pulled horizontally. They are ...
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A slight confusion in resubmitting of a closed question (a genuine attempt to re-word the original)

I asked a question, but it was declared a duplicate of this, this and this, but none of them answered what I originally had in mind. [probably my mistake, the question must have been poorly worded]. I ...
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Question closed due to homework policy?

My post Is there a steady state for two conductors at different temperatures connected to a battery? was closed under homework policy. Nevertheless it is clear that is not a homework. How do I reopen ...
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False duplicate

I asked this question: What is the magnetic field of a radially moving current? "What is the magnetic field of a radially moving current?" It was closed as a duplicate of "Why is the magnetic field ...
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