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A request for Discussion

A lot of conceptual questions in physics cannot be asked in few sentences. Because the idea or image of the subject in questioner's mind which is the actual root of the problem is never projected in ...
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Could this question be put off hold now? I have edited the question to clarify the problem, but still it has been marked as question not clear and ...
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Can this post be completely removed?

I posted this question ( and mentioned that if this was too off-topic, I would be willing to close it, it was even ...
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What mechanism determines what is featured in the Community Bulltin on the main page?

What mechanism determines which meta posts or blog articles are featured in the Community Bulltin on the main page? Concerning blog articles, I would guess that the newest ones are featured. But ...
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Application for reopen a question

Some days ago I asked this question involving quantum teleportation. It have been closed by moderator for assuming new physics. However in fact it is a misunderstanding and I think I have clarified ...
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Is a shopping advice request off-topic in any case?

A question has arisen if shopping advice posts is off-topic and should be kept closed. Examples: Fairly Broad Spectrum Light Source Options Refractive index liquids: Why hard to buy? Where can I ...
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A request to reopen my question

I recently asked a question which was closed for being off topic. I have been directed to two links by the moderator: (1) (2) . After going through both the links, I am posting a request here to ...
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old question reappearing after months

From time to time old (about 2 months) questions reappear anew, the last author named then is "community". Is this a kind of routine? What is the idea behind?
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Is it possible to have a community wiki poll of members about the colors not just discussion on meta?

--something like: 1. I want white lettering/black background 2. I want black lettering/white background 3. Something else I think that quite a few people don't go to meta and that new members may not ...
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