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Adding tags to review queues

I recently encountered the review queues section, where I found that questions of my watching tags don't appear. It would be really nice if the site adds this functionality.
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Why directly voting to close a question does not add to your number of reviews in the queue?

If you go into the "close votes" review queue and either selecting "Leave Open" or "Close" adds a count to the number of reviews you have done in the "close votes" queue. However, if you are viewing a ...
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How is a low quality post review completed?

In this case and this, review has been completed by a single "Looks OK" vote. While in this case it has been completed by two "Looks OK" votes. Is there a reason for it?
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There is a subtle bug in the review queues: The (up to recently) normally greyed-out options are no longer greyed out (yet remain unclickable)

The title says it all, really. Normally, when one hasn't done anything the "I'm done" option in the First Post review queue is greyed-out. Now, it is no longer so, but one still cannot click it. ...
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Voting to close in review tasks

Could someone explain how does the vote: close/leave-open work in the context of review tasks? Consider, please, this example: there are 6 votes there (4-close and 2-leave-open), and the question has ...
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Adding "Non-mainstream physics" to the answer deletion/flag reasons

Okay, so we have the question VTC reason of "we deal with mainstream physics..." yadda yadda yadda. And everyone is grateful for it. But what about answers? Surely everyone would agree that we don't ...
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What to do with Low Quality posts that you just can't delete

Every so often, an answer like this shows up in the low-quality review queue (that one showed up today for me). When it does, we are presented with the familiar choices: "Looks OK", "Edit", "Recommend ...
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What are the mechanisms to remove a question from the close queue?

I am interested in understanding better what it needs for a question to be removed from the close queue for good, apart from the obvious closing or deleting it. I have heard about several things ...
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Why do some posts show up in more than one review queue? Could we stop it?

I have seen some posts show up on more than one category of the review panel. For example, say a new user posts a one-line answer to an old question. This will flag the post for the Late Answers and ...
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Why don't I see a button for "improve" on tag wiki edits?

When reviewing edits there is text inviting to improve the edit: Approve, reject, or improve edits suggested by users. (less) Approve edits you know are correct Reject those you know are wrong Skip ...
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