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Has activity on Physics Stack Exchanged decreased over the years?

When I look through questions on Stack Exchange, it appears that the community used to be more active. It feels like the most often years I see are 2013-15. The majority of questions I come across ...
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How does PSE traffic change over time?

I joined the site 8 years ago now and I'd be curious how things have changed over time. Have we been gaining traffic? Losing traffic? Are there particular seasons or times of year that users flock to ...
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How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted traffic on this site?

Given the COVID-19 pandemic forced many professionals and students to work and learn from home, I was curious to see how the site is doing regarding traffic and activity. Are we seeing more traffic, ...
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Are there certain times of day that are best for posting Questions and Answers on Physics Stack Exchange as of late 2019? [duplicate]

I was wondering if there are certain times of day, and of the week that questions are most likely to get the most high quality answers on Physics Stack Exchange accounting for the questions asked, and ...
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When it comes to the Suggested Edits queue, what would you consider a healthy ratio of accept-to-reject?

Some data first. As of today, there have been 27636 suggested edits: 23490 have been approved, 4146 have been rejected, 6873 were improved. The top 20 reviewers have the following stats: What do ...
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11 votes
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A weird spike in downvotes in May 2013

As of today there's a pretty neat new privilege, site analytics, that lets you see a couple of neat graphs. I was playing around with it and noticed something odd: a very strong spike in downvotes in ...
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Tree of StackExchange Sites

This really cool graph was posted onto meta.SO early December. Dunno how many over here have seen it... I thought it was super-fancy, so I'm sharing it here as well.
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We have more than 12,000 anonymous feedback votes

Just a heads up for those of you who have access to the so-called moderator tools (10k+), you can see various statistics related to the anonymous feedback mechanism (i.e. that from persons of no ...
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Did site activity grow noticeably as of summer 2012?

I get the feeling that there's been a marked increase in new questions, particularly about the Higgs - no surprise there - but also on other topics, which may be associated with an influx of people ...
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