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Who can I ask for feedback to reopen a question?

I have a question that was closed with the following motivation: We deal with mainstream physics here. Questions about the general correctness of unpublished personal theories are off topic, although ...
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For those of us who are in academia, is there a category of questions that you use PSE for?

I am not sure if this exactly fits into the intended scope of the meta but I will try it out. This is clearly an explicitly subjective question with no universally correct answer, but I suspect that ...
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Is there a search engine to look up formulas in physics.stackexchange?

I was wondering if there is a site where it is possible to look up formulas. For math.stackexchange, it is possible to use or But those don'...
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Are questions about derivations in papers published in scientific journals, on-topic?

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question but If I have a specific question about a derivation step in a paper published in Physical Review A, for example. Can I ask it here?
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How should you decide whether to post on '' or on ''? [duplicate]

What is the main difference between questions asked on The 'Physics StackExchange' website, and those asked on the '' website - it seems to me that 'Physics Overflow' is more ...
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Is helping others grasp difficult ideas, concepts or theories not considered giving an answer?

I know you could just leave a comment, but not in this case I couldn't. I just found this awesome app while researching on my passion, physics. I stumbled across a question about time dilation, not ...
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What is a good place to ask more opinion-based questions instead of Physics SE?

I recently created a question on Physics SE and learned that this site is not suited for questions that could be more opinion based. Since this is the case, could you suggest other places where people ...
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Can we open "The Every Physicist Books Question" & "The Layman Books Question"?

Again, simple as. I was very supprised and disapointed that these questions are locked. I think for students and mathematicans who may want to enter the field these questions are great and could be ...
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Are physics-related notation and terminology questions on-topic?

This is prompted by What is the origin of the naming convention for position functions? which asks why s is used as the letter for position. Here are some more examples. which letter to use for a ...
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