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Preventing acts of spam

I came across a number of posts being sabotaged by a couple of new users. How do we prevent such indecent acts?
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Suspicious new user accounts?

Just found this while browsing the bottom of new users page. All accounts start with w88, followed by a random word and a number. Most of them have set "Bangkok Thiland" as their location. ...
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Is this user a spammer?

A user [link removed] just posted an answer to a question I had bountied. The answer itself is garbled, and it's unclear whether it's a legitimate answer attempt or an attempt at farming reputation ...
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Has Physics.SE had this same trolling experience?

This is now the second time at Matter Modeling SE, where we have received this exact same question (both times by an "unregistered user"): I made the mistake of engaging with it the first ...
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Spam flag on nonsense garbage declined

Sorry for raising this up weeks later, because I just checked my flag logs today. My spam flag on this answer was declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it (Note:...
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The problem with spam flags

I have flagged quite a few posts and answers, 2 of which were spam flags and both were declined. Why? Isn't spam anything redundant and lengthy? For instance, if a person's answer is "...
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Crackpots and links to crackpot articles in their profile

So I see that this website is tolerant of people (which I choose to call "crackpots") which have links to their own dubious work in their profile. These people even have thousands of points of ...
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Why is this answer not considered spam?

This answer mentions concepts ("canonical particles" and their "radius of hardness") that only appear in the website it links to and in a book recently published (by a company of questionable ...
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Is a moderator's Approach to Delete the Answer Provided When No Comment Was Possible Consistent with a Metrocracy or Hypocracy?

I found the Physics Meta article How to deal with negative responses on SE due to personal grudge? interesting, because it brought to light the phenomenon where some members of the community are ...
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17 votes
2 answers

Is the "spam" flag appropriate for gibberish posts, or is it reserved for promotional material?

Let's say I come across a post which solely says: akdhlkfahsdkhfalsdhf Obviously this person is doing a little home-row bashing, but how are we supposed to flag this? My first thought was spam, ...
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How to deal with “spam” for papers?

I noticed some answers that: have nothing or little to do with the question; include an undisclosed link to a paper that is either by the answer’s author or particularly liked by the answer’s author –...
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Is promoting external websites in user profiles forbidden?

User profiles in Stack Exchange have typically been a very personal thing and the attitude towards them has been the most laissez-faire in the spectrum of SE policy. It is usual for user profiles to ...
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Auto-delete spam

Nowadays, there is a big wave of questions from black-magic spammers. What if there could be an option like auto-delete user or ...
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Abuse of our Meta by people from other SE sites

I`m just noting that since about yesterday, a number of people from other SE sites (philosophy, ect) who are not in the slightest interested in physics, abuse the meta part of physics.SE to persecute ...
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Chat refuses to log me in; SOPA [closed]

I was going to put this in the chat room, but SE seems to miss my login credentials when I go to the chat room, so please spirit this to the chat room if possible and appropriate. I want to encourage ...
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