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Is the question 'explaining gravity to a six-year-old' off-topic?

I recently asked this question about explaining gravity to a 6 year old and it made it into the "Hot Network Questions" list. It generated a lot of discussion and has some very good answers. ...
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The Layman books question

This question was recently bumped to the top of the front page by a new answer: Books that every layman should read. I originally wanted to just recommend the new answer be deleted, but the question ...
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17 votes
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The intro-to-QM books question: reopen?

We have several questions asking for recommendations of books for beginner-level quantum mechanics. Many of them are closed as duplicates of this one: What is a good introductory book on quantum ...
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The gamma^5 question

The question Can one show that ${\gamma^5}^\dagger = \gamma^5$ directly from the anticommutation relations? was recently closed as homework-like. I agree that this is in somewhat of a grey area as far ...
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Should /q/59448 be reopened?

The question Has there been a proposed explaination to the observation of wave-particle duality? has been closed as not a real question. While the posting isn't particularly well formulated, the ...
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Can this question (which was marked as 'not constructive') be reopened?

This question did get wrongly and prematurely closed: Can physics get rid of the continuum? It is a good, valuable, and constructive question that fits in perfectly with the (more theoretical) ...
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What's up with locking this question?

This question: How is it possible that we see light from shortly after the big bang? originally presented a wrong theory bordering on nonsense, and asked "what's wrong with this theory". no ...
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Question closed before moderators could think about it

I've just noticed that my question was closed. Why is it off limits to propose a question asking for the best way to do something that would obviously require energy to be spent. I want to know what ...
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Interpretation of quantum mechanics

The wiki article on interpretation of quantum mechanics discusses 16 different interpretations. It is a subject that probably will continue to come up among users. And I personally think that the ...
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