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Indicates that the report has been resolved through the implementation of a feature or the fixing of a bug.

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Unreadable dark text on tag pages. [closed]

On tag pages such as, the text "tag has no wiki summary, would you like to" is unreadably dark. However, the "help us create it?" ...
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can't post to physics SO [closed]

there seems to be a problem going on with the site, list of questions are not being updated, and some of them are dissapearing, like this one: Does positronium have a stable crystalline phase?
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MathJax crashes in every page with equations

Is it just me? I keep getting this error when I open (and, for that matter, it also happens in MathJax no longer loads a default configuration ...
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Can this post be completely removed?

I posted this question ( and mentioned that if this was too off-topic, I would be willing to close it, it was even ...
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Misuse of downvoting

I think this question is unsuitable for this site as opinion-based, and should be closed. Yet, at the time of writing it has only one closure vote (mine), but 6 downvotes. I think this is indicative ...
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