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user was removed

When does that happen? I found a 4+ in my sum and tried to see for what, and got "user was removed" instead of a link to the question.
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How to quit completely?

I was wondering how to completely leave this community. Please guide me. I have gone through FAQ section but of no use. What should I do ?
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2 answers

Is promoting external websites in user profiles forbidden?

User profiles in Stack Exchange have typically been a very personal thing and the attitude towards them has been the most laissez-faire in the spectrum of SE policy. It is usual for user profiles to ...
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Can I create two accounts?

In physics forums, I created two accounts (actually for myself, for not being able to change my photograph), then I was suspended from the site. Now, as my sister is forcing me to create an account ...
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Will my account be closed if i stop participating on Physics SE?

I just noticed that the account of a formerly-active user whom I hadn't seen active since he was suspended a while back has been suspended again for a period of one year. He is not even participating ...
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Is it acceptable to quote a Nazi claim on Physics SE?

I have no intention being rude, and have been hesitating a long time before posting this question. The fact is that a user of the Physics SE includes this quote in his public profile: "There will ...
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How do I delete my account on se? [duplicate]

I know this question is irrelevant, but please tell me how to delete my account.
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my account is under vote down attack

who is moderator of this website, because my account is under attack im pretty sure its just one person sending me these too much vote down
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