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Physics Stack Exchange website's User Interface

If someone has suggestions for Physics Stack Exchange website's UI where/how or to whom he should make his suggestions?
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A "cite this paper, will you?" button?

Just for everyone's attention, a nice question has popped up in the MathOverflow meta: Formatting citations to the literature on MathOverflow, shooting towards a button that will insert a formatted ...
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1 vote
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User feed and Question feed

Do we have User feed and Question feed by emails notification? If we do not, can we promote to have these features? PS. It is NOT asking about off-site service. What I wonder is whether there is an ...
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The "add / show 1 more comments" link doesn't do anything if you don't have comment permissions

I recently lost commenting permissions due to offering a bounty. Since then, I've noticed that when reading answers with comments, clicking on the "add / show 1 more comments" link doesn't reveal the ...
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2 answers

Some questions about the site's user interface.

First, is there a way to insert line-breaks into a comment? This is often frustrating me because the comments are sometimes quite unreadable without line-breaks. It would be also nice if [Enter] didn'...
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