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Trying to ping users in comments: @username disappears

Usually the site allows me to tag an individual member at the start of a comment by typing @username, but sometimes it does not recognise the name and the string beginning with @ is automatically ...
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Do we have a new moderator?

I do not recall being introduced to a new moderator: user842563. Can the moderation team comment?
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How does PSE traffic change over time?

I joined the site 8 years ago now and I'd be curious how things have changed over time. Have we been gaining traffic? Losing traffic? Are there particular seasons or times of year that users flock to ...
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Temporal coincidences of negative votes

Is it possible that a user after just a few minutes that I have been logged on Physics.SE contextually receives a negative vote? Is it possible that a user who has a high number of reputation can have ...
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How can I start a conversation with a specific user (in chat or otherwise)?

Say I provided an answer to a question, and then another user commented on my answer pointing out some mistakes. I realise my answer has serious flaws and decided to delete it. Now, I want to talk to ...
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Is it unreasonable to expect feedback for writing an answer from the asker?

I find it quite frustrating if I write an answer and don't receive any feedback. On stack exchange the feedback is designed to work in the following manner: By accepting an answer. By providing ...
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Is there any way to know how many users are currently online at a given time? [duplicate]

Usually I find that maximum traffic occurs on this site around (8:00 pm to 4:00 am, as per Indian Standard Time (IST, UTC+05:30)), but I don't have any concrete data related to it. So Is there a way ...
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Is this user "shadow banned" here (1 rep seems to make no sense, but there's no ban message)?

User link doesn't display any suspension message for me. So how comes his rep is 1 and not 23? (23 is actually correct if you look at his reputation tab.)
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What is the general age of users on Physics SE?

I want to what is the age of users in general. I want to ask this because age determines so many things. A student of age 30 can be far better than a student of age 17. I know it’s personal ...
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Please use gender neutral language

In the wake of a recent unfruitful discussion I feel it is necessary for the community to come to an agreement on what kind of language we want to use here. In particular, on whether we want to ...
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Ping/Reference a user in the core text of a question

One more question. Is it OK to reference a particular user in the text of a question (right at the end of the post with an @), just to be sure that that user gets to read my question (he receives an ...
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The User, The Myth, The Legend

User Floris has recently become the third user to obtain the Legendary badge, which is one of the less awarded badges out there. Being one of the most prolific contributors to this site, I just wanted ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What happened to [username removed]? [closed]

[username removed] stopped posting here quite suddenly. I remember him to be very critical of the MWI, so I'm going to poke in his eye here by saying that the Universe is in a superposition of all ...
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In praise of "... and links therein"

We've all seen them: short comments saying Related:, and links therein. Also, we've all seen bunches of useful links to ...
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2nd place gets the bounty

In Physics I asked a question and got 3 answers, 1 from a moderator and 2 from users. All 3 are good answers, but the moderator is spot on. I can tell 1 of the users are close in quality and took some ...
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15 votes
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(How) can we encourage non-newbie users to change away from userXXXX?

We have a certain number of users of the site who have been here for some time, but still retain their original username of the form userXXXX. I find it relatively annoying as I'm never sure whether I'...
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10 votes
1 answer

Why do some people insist on one unlikely possibility?

Once in while, someone will insist that dark matter is not particles (which is totally possible but not likely) and insist curved space (or [insert theory here]) is the only thing possible. When you ...
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No marked answer when user found it usefull [duplicate]

I have seen several questions, already inactive, for which an answer was given which was useful to the user asking, but not marked as the answer. It was easy to see they were useful from the comments ...
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5 answers

Our best questions come from non-expert users

Earlier today I was eyeballing other people's badges because, you know, badges, and I came upon something of a curious observation. If you look at the answer badges - specifically Nice, Good and Great ...
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How much are 3k+ users moderating through the review queue?

This question is an offshoot of Ben Crowell's question Have we lost the necessary critical mass of professional physicists?, and I'm asking it separately to help avoid multi-threaded comment ...
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35 votes
9 answers

Have we lost the necessary critical mass of professional physicists?

A while back, we had this discussion in which we tried to measure quantitatively whether the site was gaining or losing non-novice users. Since then, I've had the distinct subjective impression that ...
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16 votes
2 answers

Are we gaining or losing non-novice users?

In any difficult field of endeavor -- ballet, mountaineering, violin-playing, physics -- there are going to be far more people in the world who have devoted a relatively small number of hours to the ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Policy regarding intentionally counter-productive users

I recently noticed a joke post; a user intentionally asked and answered a question that was a very subtle mockery of research-level physics papers and had no application as an actual question on this ...
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