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Link to meta page for guide to MathJax commands under text fields

Wouldn't it be helpful to provide a link under the text box, shown while asking questions or writing answers, to the meta page dealing with MathJax commands: https://math.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5020/mathjax-basic-tutorial-and-quick-reference

It is not only difficult but also tiresome to find out the MathJax commands for each and every math formulae, and one has to either store the above link in the bookmarks, or find it out somehow, because it is not always possible for one to remember all the commands.

Moreover, new comers know nothing about this, and that is why under ever question posted by a new comer, we have to post comments like "Please use MathJax to format the equations" or edit it ourselves.

This new feature, if added, will not only help the new ones, but also the others, because sometimes one may forget the commands, and then it is a whole lot of exercise to find the meta page again.