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might actually be able to ask some engineering-like questions from this because it is used for a scientific experiment. I know it gets tricky to figure out what is engineering and what is … be okay. For instance, maybe questions about how to isolate the magnet from the sensors to prevent/eliminate interference would be okay. Or maybe... I dunno, I guess we would have to know what your …
answered Jun 8 '15 by tpg2114
ask questions and answer them. That's what research is about. And in my field, the competition for money is fierce and we have to be very careful to protect not just our results but the questions we … are thinking about so we don't get sniped by our competition. So I can't ask my questions here. And so I resort to answering questions rather than asking them. …
answered Jul 15 '13 by tpg2114
Well, if the questions are unclear, it is usually best to ask clarifying comments and/or flag/vote-to-close as unclear (we have a close reason dedicated just to that issue). Flagging it as "Should be … closed" will put it into the review queue and more experienced members can decide if it should or should not be closed. In some of your example questions, the best answer seems to be writing the …
answered Dec 31 '16 by tpg2114
After hearing that homework questions are far too common one too many times, I decided to take the initiative and try to prove whether homework questions are now the primary new content of the site … . I wrote a query in the Data Explorer engine to pull out the number of questions asked each day with and without the homework tag that are still open (as in, not closed). Then I plotted those counts …
asked Dec 19 '12 by tpg2114
As always, this will boil down to the exact wording of the question on hand. If you just want to know how to plot the data like that, then no -- it won't be on topic. Valid answers are Excel, R, Matpl …
answered Mar 1 '16 by tpg2114
you can't or don't want to wait, that's on you. But if your questions stayed open then you didn't violate a policy and if they didn't get answered then you didn't excite the right people or the right people aren't here. …
answered Feb 21 '14 by tpg2114
would be hard pressed to say that somebody asking a question about the formal definition of a derivative or a limit would be on-topic here. However, it is easy to imagine questions that are … like the Levi-Civita symbol or Kronecker delta. Mathematicians could provide an answer to questions about that, sure, and they would be absolutely correct to boot, but I think many people (myself …
answered Oct 4 '15 by tpg2114
the sun. I would rather see the meta tag go away entirely and we downvote bad "homework-like" questions into oblivion and close them just as fast as we are now. There's no need for a tag to point … out garbage. The "good" questions (ie. the ones that already conform to the policy) don't need a separate tag to tell us that they conform to the policy. They will be well-posed questions looking for …
answered Oct 15 '15 by tpg2114
the broader question of how to answer "engineering" questions with a physics way, I actually just attempted to do the same on a new post: Prevention of fluid vortex formation As written, the question … /numbers are the engineering. So to answer "engineering" questions in a "physics" way, it is usually sufficient to address the underlying processes that are needed to solve the problem. In the question I …
answered Jun 16 '16 by tpg2114
there, I figured I'd start a discussion here. It seems that on our site in particular, we don't have a hard time generating high quality answers but it's hard to find high quality questions. When a … question is upvoted, the asker gets 5 rep. When an answer is upvoted, the asker gets 10 rep. This seems to imply that answers are worth more than questions. In some sense I agree, answers take a lot …
asked Aug 28 '13 by tpg2114