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If you're logged out, you'll see a banner like this one in the place where the "answer question" box usually is: Most of our questions don't have this banner and they can be answered by anyone. However, some of our questions attract low-quality answers from visitors who don't yet understand how our site works or what kinds of answers are valuable ...


When a question attracts a lot of poor answers, it can be marked as protected. This is done automatically in some cases and manually in others. When a question is marked as protected, you need at least 10 reputation in order to answer it. So if you ask any question or provide any other answer that gets at least one upvote you will be able to answer protected ...


If you care this much about the answer, earn some reputation and try again.


There seems to be conflation of two issues here. One is suggested in the title: how to bring attention to a good answer that hasn't gotten enough attention. The other is the issue of working really hard on an answer to a question where the OP is just not on board with your answer for whatever reason. These are not necessarily the same thing, and I would ...

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