The physics-careers tag seems redundant and confusing, since questions asking for career advice are off-topic and I see little other uses for it. It also (weakly) suggests career advice questions are on-topic here, which may have led to this question being asked recently. Should we get rid of it?


To offer something authoritative: pursuant to our discussion in chat and the strongly supported suggestion for its removal, the mods are currently working on getting this tag blacklisted. I'll update here when it is done (or if the process fails for some reason).


Let's be careful with getting rid of tags: We should abolish a tag if it literally serves no purpose, or is actively harmful. As for your specific points: There's no tag wiki or tag excerpt, making it confusing what it was even intended to be used for in the first place. This isn't an argument to get rid of any tag, this is an argument to write a tag ...


PLEASE BURNINATE fan This tag does not describe a physics subfield, method, concept, nor a keyword that is useful to and applied by physicists, but denotes just an everyday object. Questions asking about the physics of a fan should be tagged with the proper real physics tags such as fluid-dynamics, classical-mechanics, aerodynamics, or whatever applies in ...

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