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Yes, this is perfectly acceptable. Of course, you should make sure that you follow the guidelines given in Are resource recommendations allowed?. To maximize the chances of success of your question: provide a description of the concepts that you're interested in with as much detail as you can provide a clear picture of what you do and don't understand, so ...


I have a lot of sympathy for this suggestion because we all have collections of links to useful books and articles (many of mine are links to questions on the Physics Stack Exchange). But the problem is that bitter experience suggests that managing collections of links never works. Links go stale and after the initial burst of enthusiasm no-one keeps the ...


You are confusing a specific topic with a specific reference. Your question is about a very specific topic, but it asks for any reference that covers the topic in detail, i.e. any book, any paper, etc. The list of possible answers is not closed, so it should be tagged as a resource-recommendation question.


As mentioned, this is because there is a convention that all resource-recommendation threads should be made community wiki in their entirety, as agreed on this thread. The reasoning is that the voting pattern on resource-recommendation threads is very different to regular threads, since the votes often follow the quality of the book rather than the quality ...


Concretely, it was made community wiki because OP added the resource-recommendation tag, cf. the policy from this meta post.


It's not that your answer was made CW, but that the question was made CW and that automatically converts all answers to CW as well. As Qmechanic says there is a convention that all resource recommendation questions are CW, and if you tag your question as resource-recommendation it will convert it to CW and as a result convert all answers too.

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible