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[moderator hat off: personal opinion] We don’t close homework-like questions based on where they are from. We close homework-like questions when they are about doing some single-purpose computation (what is this coefficient of friction, where have I lost my minus sign) versus conceptual questions (why does energy work like this, why do approach A and and ...


Voting to close bountied questions is a feature that has often been requested at mother meta, see e.g. Allow users to vote to close bountied questions. So far it has not been implemented. Being of "low quality" alone is is not a reason to vote to close a question, it's a reason to downvote it. Being unclear, however, is a close reason. Bounties ...


Such questions should be closed as soon as possible, at least in the short term. It is academically dishonest under all student codes of conduct I know for a student to seek online help in solving exam questions so there is no reason not to act on questions identified as such - because the OP says so, or because there is some clear indication the question ...


Your question is younger than two days, hence you cannot offer a bounty yet. See mother meta for more details on when bounties can be offered and awarded.

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