(On a related note, the user page for Community on Meta states that it pokes up questions every hour. This is definitely false on Meta, so maybe it can be fixed?) It's true - with the caveat that it doesn't bump if there's nothing to bump. If there's only 1 question on the site that meets the criteria for bumping, then Community will bump it and touch ...


discuss and develop mainstream physics Firstly, no, we do not develop physics here. We deal with established physics. Nor do we discuss too much (except for in chat); the main site is not for discussion. why aren't some really famous scientists "the mainstream scientists" here among us ? Well, we do have 't Hooft, Shor, and Motl, to name a few major ...


I asked this question in a comment not too long ago and QMechanic responded... It means it's an edit suggested anonymously by somebody not logged in or not signed up for the site. If you log out and go to any question/answer, you can suggest edits.


If I may say so, it is easy to see why you would like to have field leading experts participate in our little community, it is not clear what we have to offer those folks. I've been (professionally) close enough to enough narrow gauge experts to get a sense of what their lives are like. What they want to do research; talk to their peers---by which I mean ...


The post was likely bumped every month or so by the community bot because the post didn't have an upvoted answer. The post was bumped on Nov 12th, which is close to a multiple of 30 days from the original post on Feb 14th.


Yes, exactly, this is an automatized bump of old unanswered questions. The relevant conditions for this to happen are here on meta.SE.


In an overwhelming majority of cases, this is the bump on old unanswered questions that ACuriousMind describes. In some cases, though, this can represent actual alterations. This includes edits suggested by anonymous visitors, which are then owned by the Community user. As a quick way to tell the difference, look on the upper right-hand corner of the page, ...


For that question, the bounty was issued by a user with 100+ reputation. The user has (been) deleted the account after that. The only purpose for the bounty is to raise the attention of the most downvoted question as said in the bounty description. As I remember, the user is from other SE and get 100 association bonus so it is not surprised that the user ...

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