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I tried it for a few minutes in Safari on iPad and in Edge on PC and it seemed to work well. In addition to trying hand-editing, I pasted in a few reasonably complicated equations from my existing answers and they rendered properly. I miss being able to preview while I type, but if I had to use this editor I would not leave PSE. It’s nice to have \ket, etc.


At the time this question was asked, the editor was completely unusable on the four different platforms I tried. A day later, the specific issues I describe seem to have been resolved, which suggests the developer is responsive to issues. However it also suggests that this tool needs a much larger test community than it currently has. Enabling this editor ...


The distinction between having social features (like a profile page and chat) and being a social network is also discussed in this mother meta question and in particular this answer. Jeff Atwood explains the importance of having not only a main site and a meta but also a chat in the blog post introducing chat thus: Because you not only need a place to have ...

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