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Usage of comments

Brief answers, or partial answers, should be posted as answers. For responses which are neither comments nor answers, the internet is a big place with many non-SE websites.
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Do we need a popular videos tag or specific author tags?

No, these tags describe the sources of the questions themselves, not the subject matter of the question. Hence, you would not be able to tag a question with any one of those, making them dependent on ...
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Was my comment inappropriate?

The user posted essentially the same question twice, presumably by accident, then (correctly) deleted one of them. Your comment was on the other, nearly-identical question. (However, you will not ...
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Off-topic posts being used to link to from outside

Posting something that is not an on-topic question merely to use our site as storage for it is a misuse of the site and should not be tolerated. Since this specific question is closed, downvoted and ...
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Is it advisable to provide a supplementary answer to a question?

I don't think we need to formulate specific criteria about which answers are "advisable" or not. If you, the author of the answer, think that the answer you are writing adds something over ...
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Is it rude to answer your own question yourself after other solutions are available?

The scenario you describe is analogous to writing a review paper where you summarize the current contributions in a field or discipline. The same etiquette applies.
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Should editors share the punishment for downvotes?

No. If the edits were accepted then presumably the edits were considered improvements. The question of when downvotes occur rarely depends on edits: assuming the edits are good, this question would ...
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Why my question is still closed as "homework like" or "check my work" even I asked for the concept?

The OP asks why the question is considered "check-my-work" as it was closed as a result. This is an extremely specific calculation, and the OP is stuck trying to find an error in the ...
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Is there a rule against being overly persistent and inquisitive in comments?

I don't see the type of rudeness you describe in the comments under answers to your questions here on Physics. It's possible that I missed an inappropriate deleted comment, or that you've gotten those ...
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Is there a rule against being overly persistent and inquisitive in comments?

I wouldn't say it is rude per se, but perhaps some comments are in place. Physics is a subject that grows exponentially fast, in the sense that new knowledge tends to use a great deal of previous ...
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Please don't use computer-generated text for questions or answers on Physics

I think that a difference should be made between questions and answers. While I agree with the cited violation of standards for the answers, I disagree in the case of questions. Information from AI ...

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