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In general, there is no threshold for how much editing a question can go through - as long as it is unanswered. But when a question has already received answers, and in particular these answers have been voted upon, editing becomes a bit more difficult - we discourage edits that change the question in ways that invalidate existing answers. Once answerers ...


Please do keep in mind that the linked question was very polarizing and quite exceptional, so it is a bad example when it comes to setting precedents/crafting policies. [FWIW I don't want to play into in both-sides-ism: the question was polarizing due to its unusual exposure to "HNQ outsiders". Any (reasonable) habitual user of physics.SE would ...


I tried it for a few minutes in Safari on iPad and in Edge on PC and it seemed to work well. In addition to trying hand-editing, I pasted in a few reasonably complicated equations from my existing answers and they rendered properly. I miss being able to preview while I type, but if I had to use this editor I would not leave PSE. It’s nice to have \ket, etc.


At the time this question was asked, the editor was completely unusable on the four different platforms I tried. A day later, the specific issues I describe seem to have been resolved, which suggests the developer is responsive to issues. However it also suggests that this tool needs a much larger test community than it currently has. Enabling this editor ...


Please use edits to substantially improve the posts they are attached to. Please do not use trivial edits as backdoors to enable site features that are inaccessible to you for some reason.

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