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For a composite topic like quantum chaos it is recommended to use a tag combination: quantum-mechanics and chaos-theory. Tip: To find questions about, say 'quantum chaos', it is often more reliable to search directly on keywords is:q quantum chaos rather than tags (as tags are not always applied).


If a question is gathering close votes, but you believe that it's worthy of being answered, then you can assist the OP in salvaging it. We don't just close questions because they are bad, or because they're duplicates. We close potentially good questions that need further work precisely to prevent answers from being posted prematurely. When a question is too ...


I sympathise because I have had this happen to me. In the past I have seen a homework question and thought that even though it was homework there was a nice conceptual discussion to be had. Then as I'm nearing the end of an answer explaining the concepts the question gets closed. If this happens then consider posting your own version of the question, but ...

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