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Summary History questions are welcome on this site whenever they have any bearing on our modern understanding of physics. However, if a question has only minimal or null bearing on our current understanding, or it specifically requires a historian's skills, toolset, and mindset to answer, then it should be migrated to the History of Science and Maths ...


I'll take this in roughly historical order, and to the extent that I'm aware of things and can remember them, though there is a definite danger that I'm telling the stories as we'd like to reimagine them rather than as they actually happened, so please go check the original sources and make up your mind from them. This obviously can only be a pretty partial ...


The ''grim anniversary'' in the history of Physics SE that Emilio alluded to is the shutting down of TheoreticalPhysics SE in April 2012 by the Community Manager of Stack Exchange. Between this announcement and the actual closing act, there was quite some discussion on Physics SE and on the blogs (some of which are no longer accessible; the links are dead) ...


One handy place for this information is the user page of the Community ♦ user, which gives the bot's inception date as 1 November 2010. For more information, you can go to the original Area 51 proposal, which gives a detailed breakdown of the milestones: The original proposal was posted on 2 June 2010 Private beta started on 2 November 2010 Public beta ...


The magical thing about physics is that I can write down an equation that will tell me how the universe is going to behave (well, at least in principle :-). We're all used to this, so we take it for granted, but if you stop to think about it the fact we mere humans can do this is absolutely amazing. This activity, the writing down of equations that describe ...


The list of Stack Exchange site shows some statistics about each site, including its age. Physics launched six years ago, apparently in November of 2010.


You have to click on the button which shows your profile picture with your reputation, badges, etc. in the menu bar (shown in the figure). In your profile, you can find a list of your posts. Answers and questions have their own tab and comments can be found in "all actions" tab.


history is not a defunct tag. History questions that require physical expertise to answer are still on-topic here, cf. the FAQ answer on this topic. That most of these questions are now also on-topic on another SE site is immaterial, since there is no requirement that any given question must be on-topic only on exactly one SE site.


The big problem here is what DavidZ mentioned - questions eventually become too old to be migrated, though I believe the limit is 60 days. I've seen this discussed before on Mathematics Meta, and the consensus was what I think should be the policy on Physics - and what I think is the unofficial policy here - which is that history questions are on-topic. ...


In general, I'd say no, they should not be on topic here. However, I could see myself making an exception for questions asking how a problem in physics was historically solved. I don't mean a homework-like problem; I mean, for instance, how the Bohr model was realized to be incorrect and replaced with the more modern model. Questions asking about the history ...


Old questions (older than 90 days I think) can't be migrated. Besides, we haven't even established that history questions are off topic here in general.

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