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What the Heck is going On in Physics SE?

If you see questions that deserve to be closed or deleted, please use the appropriate flags to put them into the review queues. Likewise for closed questions which deserve to be re-opened.
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Moderators close questions as "homework-like" excessively

As someone that spends time closing many of these questions, there is nothing wrong with questions that are “homework-like” in an absolute sense. The problem is when the question either displays ...
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Moderators close questions as "homework-like" excessively

This question shows a couple of misunderstandings about how this site operates and its mission. But there is also a grain of truth. First: the “homework closures” you mention are not done by ...
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Why are all questions given a tag homework and exercise and then closed?

The question is written like an assignment question. The question is taken from a textbook, is extremely specific, not written to emphasize concepts but instead emphasizes calculations, so ask ...
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Moderators close questions as "homework-like" excessively

I am one of those uses @Dale mentioned that is in favor of closing homework like questions on physics.stackexchange. It is ironic that one of the biggest uses of Stack Overflow is for homework like ...
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