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Just as a place to gather votes as a clear signal: Yes, the braket extension is appropriate and useful. It should be enabled on this site whenever the MathJax version is upgraded to v3. (Vote up if you agree, down if you don't.)


OK, I've gone through the list of answered questions. There should be no more broken LaTeX caused by this change on the site, but if you find any more, fix it on sight!


Here is one option put forward by the SE developers: switching from MathJax to prosemirror-math. For a quick look at how it works, I'll just pull this from their readme: Examples Unlike other editors, this plugin treats math as part of the text itself, rather than as an "atom" that can only be edited through a dialog box. For example, inline math ...


I think most experienced users of this site would agree that things like "$|\psi>$" often look ugly enough for one's eyes to bleed at least a little. But the minor level of annoyance from looking at that text (or the short time it takes to correct it) has to be balanced against the experience presented to new users when the site tells them that they're ...


kerning, noun: in typesetting, the horizontal distance between symbols keming, noun: poor-quality kerning I've had many mentors who knew less about typesetting than I did. I put them in the same category as people whose accents are hard to understand: whether I learn from them has more to do with me than with them. Different people can have different ...


The $\ce$ command is provided by the mhchem package, which is available in MathJax but currently not loaded by default on Physics or Physics Meta. A workaround is to use $\require{mhchem}$ somewhere in the question or answer where you need it, e.g. $$ \require{mhchem} \ce{np->d\gamma} $$ Note that, since 2019, statements like \require are local to ...


I think it would be useful to have the MathJax help link (at Math Meta) in the Your Answer menu bar in addition to the Question Dialog. It would help both new and experienced users who are giving answers have that resource while constructing an answer. It might also help new users to realize that they should use MathJax rather than taking photos of ...


I've marked this as status-deferred since it recently came up again after three years of minimal activity and interest. If someone wants this feature, let's have a fresh thread about it.


I've just got a ping from colleagues that the link was added. Please take a look We hope it is what you've requested!

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