I've been a contributor here for the past seven and a half years and in all that time, David Z, you have been a staple and pillar of the community. Your cool and collected moderating style has always represented our site well and I have no doubt that your input has been instrumental in shaping us into a community that can be respected as a source of physics ...


A huge loss for the site, not only in terms of (outstanding) moderating expertise but also in terms of institutional memory. Thank you for your years of kindness and for nurturing the site to its current amicable atmosphere.


David Z, I've not been participating much on Physics Stack Exchange much for years now, so I was most disheartened to come back exactly one day after you retired! You have been an amazing and vital support to this site for more years than you probably care to admit. I wish you the best on any new endeavors!


I've very much enjoyed my interactions with you in the h-bar and even chat rooms on other SE sites. You are one of the better moderators, and will be missed. You were very often the one moderator that responded with a decent speed, and therefore I do think having an election to add a new moderator would be a good idea, whether or not the other mods agree (...

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