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Personally, I do not like tachyonic physics as a subject, but I'm afraid I have to disagree with Brick's and Qmechanic's point of view about the non-mainstreamness of the subject and this specific question for the following reasons: the subject "tachyons" is still nowadays present in serious papers published in reputable journals. A fast search on ...


The possibility that someone else might ask a question with the word "tachyon" in it that's on topic doesn't seem germane to the issue of whether your question is, on its own merits, on topic. (That's before considering that some open questions probably should have been closed too but slipped through for some reason or another.) The comment by ...


Briefly speaking, asking about faster-than-light tachyonic particles is non-mainstream/primarily opinion-based and usually$^1$ off-topic (unless it's about experimental searches), while asking about tachyonic fields can be on-topic. $^1$ No rule without exceptions, especially if the question is well-researched/well-documented, or illustrates in a ...


Sounds to me like SE doesn't think this is a problem. I suggest you take a look at their response to this issue. Vote your conscience and leave a comment there.

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