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The familiarity of an OP with the terminology should not enter into anything. The broader objective of the site is not so much to provide answers to questions of individuals, but to provide answers that are useful beyond the OP to viewers at large. As a result, I make no accommodation for poor use of terminology in questions (or answers): since the ...


In Q&A format, a thread which is a genuine attempt to share knowledge, but is actually wrong, can be given a better answer by others and the OP's wrong answer down voted. (I'm not talking about trolls or crackpots here - just honest errors). A "blog post" which doesn't clearly define what question it is asking or answering is harder to fix.


I was thinking about making an original post to help others understand the Schrödinger equation as a differential equation, instead of to ask about the Schrödinger equation. PSE posts need to be Q&A. Essentially make the question as if you were actually asking it and didn't know the answer. Then you can make an answer yourself. The post should not just ...


Well, your posts have to follow the Q&A format of the SE sites. And yes, you are allowed to self-answer, cf. e.g. this meta post.


Yes, see Do we want and need a set of canonical questions with canonical answers? I think this needs to be used with care to avoid turning the site into a blog. In the past when I have been contemplating a post like this I have usually asked here if people think the specific post I had in mind would be a useful contribution. The question you describe sounds ...

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