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In general: Bottom line: I think that the substance of op's question is excellent even though the actual presentation of it is not so great. Then edit the post to bring the presentation up to an acceptable level. Bad presentation is absolutely a good reason to close questions. If you find a question that you care about which you think has a good substance ...


It totally deserved to be closed. Indications are that the OP wanted something short and quick, possibly because of some deadline on a test or an exam. Moreover there is no way to answer this question using physics principles, so it is better suited to MathSE than PSE.


I answered the question before it was closed (although I think Buraian’s excellent answer is better than mine) and I voted to reopen it after it was closed. The reason given for closing was “off-topic”, but that is nonsense. The concept of a vector, the important distinction between a vector and its components relative to a given co-ordinate system, and the ...


I voted to close the question for the reason that it belongs on Mathematics SE. The main closure reason was the homework reason, which I do disagree with. I think this question aligns more with the "needs detail and clarity" reason. To address some misconceptions: however I do think that what the actual substance of the question is actually high ...

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