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I think the new close banners don't show the reason for closure unless you are a certain reputation. I personally think it's useful for others to know the reason, and I don't think it's secret information (though I won't copy the names of who voted to close). The close banner says: Homework-like questions and check-my-work questions are considered off-...


I could add that it is probably appropriate to cite those who helped you to find an answer (like @BioPhysicist and @JMac). Even though they get no reputation or upvote for this, it is considered a polite thing to do in a larger physics community.


I ultimately agree with Jmac's answer; however, I am going to go a little further and say that this can be done at any time. I don't think the fact that the comments are a week old matters. With the exception of comments that link to related questions/material, comments are not intended to be permanent. Comments are intended to either ask for clarification ...


This behaviour isn't really frowned upon, so it should be fine. This answer by David Z is basically on that exact topic, and gives good advice how to do it properly. Given the comments are over a week old, and you feel they answer your question, I don't think it would be a problem to combine them into an answer, as long as you give proper attribution when ...

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