yes - Jules Verne at age 8, a good math teacher in highschool and a bad physics teacher so I had to think through his parroted statements.


Thanks Shog9! From my perspective I think these numbers look pretty reasonable: the community is handling a majority, though not an overwhelming majority, of moderation tasks in nearly all categories except for things that can only be done by diamond mods. Tag maintenance seems like the one notable exception.


I don't understand how you would believe anyone at all. This is internet dude, an environment for virtual interaction. What if I say I'm a girl? (Actually, I'm a boy). Now, do you really know "what am I"? How can you believe anyone's appearance in the internet, especially when you've never seen them in your life? If you're an amateur physicist, you'll be ...


Very interesting, thanks for posting this! Over the past several days I've been browsing these questions on various meta sites and it seems like we have a pretty good balance between actions taken by the moderators and actions taken by the community. Specifically, I see the community numbers being higher than the moderator numbers for most actions except ...

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