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You can't delete other people's comments directly, in review or otherwise. If you think a comment is rude or abusive, or just no longer needed, you can flag it for moderator attention by clicking the little flag icon next to the comment.


If you think your question is a better fit elsewhere, you have two options: Ask a moderator to migrate it Ask it yourself at the other site The second option is always better- most questions need some editing to fit the other site better (at a bare minimum, the tags usually need to be changed). This is made worse by the fact that migrated questions only ...


I am not the moderator that cast the decisive vote to close the question. Personally, I would have no problem just going to your question and migrate it to Electrical Engineering. However, as discussed in this meta post, moderators cannot simply migrate closed questions. One would have to first reopen, then vote to close (again), and migrate it as part of ...


The answer here is "probably not." When you click the "add picture" button in the editor, your image gets sent to Imgur, who re-host the image. They give your image a unique line-noise name like AbCdE.jpg, generate medium- and small-sized versions with names like AbCdEm.jpg and AbCdEs.jpg, and then host and serve those images for the ...


FWIW, the -4 negative reputation points for the 2 downvotes (which were cast before the upvotes) were exceptionally not counted because that would have resulted in a total non-positive reputation for the user.


Your question has been upvoted twice and downvoted twice. The "net votes" on the post is thus 0, making it look like there is no vote at all. Users with the Established User Privilege (1000 reputation) can view vote counts. So, you gained 20 reputation by 2 upvotes on your post but these were not visible to you because there were also 2 downvotes. ...


Yes, under certain technical circumstances it can happen that an answer is posted up to 4 hours after closure. See this meta.SE answer for more information.


Your edit automatically enqueued the question for reopen review - it used to be the case that every first edit after closure did that, but the recent changes to review queues included the introduction of a checkbox with which you can mark your edit as significant enough to warrant reopen review. There is therefore no need to make separate meta posts about ...


For the most up-voted question type is:q in the SE search engine, and click votes. Similarly, for the most up-voted answer, type is:a.


The Unicode character set contains most of the characters that are needed to construct equations. For example you can write: ds² = -(1 - 2GM/c²r)c²dt² + (1 - 2GM/c²r)⁻¹ dr² + r²dθ² + r² sin²(θ)dφ² just using Unicode characters. The problem is that from a keyboard the only way to enter Unicode characters requires you to remember their character code and few ...


Nothing happens if you simply cast an upvote on it. Whenever a user votes to close as a duplicate, they also automatically cast an upvote on the corresponding comment. If the user is the first one (and therefore the comment does not exist), they will automatically create the comment. Therefore, the number of upvotes on the comment does not necessarily ...

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