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solar-wind has 80 questions, and tag badges are only awarded for tags which are used on 100 or more questions. Consequently, you also can't track a tag badge for solar-wind in your profile.


The weak-force tag and the weak-interactions tag were merged into the weak-interaction tag in 2014, partly spurred by this 2013 meta post. General tip: Other synonym tags can be suggested on this meta page.


"Function quantity" appears to be a concept confined to the Lisp programming language, and it is not widely used in physics. (If it is, then the burden is on you to show otherwise, to be blunt.) To the extent that questions about this would be on-topic here (and not just questions about programming), then they would be suitably covered by the ...


You are confusing a specific topic with a specific reference. Your question is about a very specific topic, but it asks for any reference that covers the topic in detail, i.e. any book, any paper, etc. The list of possible answers is not closed, so it should be tagged as a resource-recommendation question.


The classical-electrodynamics tag is a synonym of electromagnetism, see its synonym page.


This is because the length-contraction tag was made a synonym of the special-relativity tag in 2014. FYI, here is a list of the current synonyms of the special-relativity tag.

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