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Chase Ryan Taylor

💞 Soon-to-be husband to Kyle Ethan Bendiksen
🐣 I’m a Momma Hen to 11 beautiful backyard chickens
🎓 IB Diploma holder, National Merit Scholar, University of Texas at Dallas student

I always try to be polite, and if I hurt your feelings then I truly am sincerely sorry. Sometimes things come across wrong online.


whole flock Debbie Icnōyotl Xoaquín Snowcap Diablo you are loved

Our job is to make the ugliest stuff funny; that’s our job. . . . We come out and we make this terrible situation laughable, unless you wanna cry for the rest of your life . . . because laughter is a release that you are now cutting off. Stop walking around so offended. You’re not going to be able to survive life if you walk around offended.

—Leslie Jones

  • Garland, TX, USA
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