My dad had me type my first program when I was 8. I had no idea what any of the stuff I was plugging into GWBASIC (or maybe FORTRAN) meant, but it ended up making a pretty fractal. It would be a couple years before I wrote my first program from scratch, an underwhelming comedy multiple choice quiz, again in BASIC. I picked up C a few years later but I actually learned a fair bit of Assembly (16 bit though, 32bit processors were out of our price range back then) before that.

I was hardly a model student but the only time I was the subject of disciplinary action at school was when I was suspended for mounting a Netware share that I shouldn't have had access to (the computer teachers home folder) and deleting the contents. I honestly thought del would just return an access denied error. Unfortunately this happened only when I tried to undo my mistake with undel. I tried explaining this, with the hopes that they would understand it was done out of curiosity rather than mallice but if it had any effect it was only to have my suspension fall on a public holiday, hardly what I was hoping for. If only I had used one of the other students logins, I stole using the fake login screen I had written.

I spent a decade and a half years doing webmaster things, IT and some PHP programming. But I've never been a member of a software team, I have no idea how to use CVS or even git (beyond downloading stuff) but I've helped people who have proper software jobs squash bugs, so I'm sure I can do it. I just don't really want to. I love computers but it was more my father's dream than mine that I should have a technical career. I like numbers, I like art, I like literature. I see myself as a sci-fi entrepreneur.

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