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38 votes

What violation caused this suspension?

28 votes

physics.SE's inability to deal with users who are highly persistent, have kook beliefs, and sound impressive?

13 votes

Attack on my account

8 votes

What should be the status of cold fusion on this site?

5 votes

Purely mathematical questions

4 votes

Are stingy ratings just due to the nature of physics?

3 votes

Are "What are some intersting Foo problems?" questions off-topic?

2 votes

Are these questions appropriate here?

2 votes

Which users are faculty/postdoc?

2 votes

Bounty fails for Non-sense question?

1 vote

Why was the Theoretical Physics site closed?

1 vote

observation of my recent questions and answers

1 vote

old questions with incorrect answers

1 vote

Questions about student-level problems

0 votes

How do I flag a question or answer for comment pruning?