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I am a lecturer at the university in Izmir (Physicist, I also teach Electrical, Electronics, Communication courses).

I am using LaTeXila 2.4.1 and TeXstudio 2.8.4 in Ubuntu 16.10 LTS, 20.10.

I am so sorry for my bad English.

The people that answer my question will be hosted well, if they arrived İzmir in Turkey.

@Harish Kumar, @egreg, @Steven B. Segletes, @David Carlisle, @Gonzalo Medina especially I want to host you if you arrived İzmir in Turkey.

Also @Frédéric, @cfr, @Christian Hupfer, @Werner, @wipet, @Thomas F. Sturm, @Mico, @Henri Menke, @Herbert, @Aradnix, @penguinpreferred, @Manuel, @Robert Fuster, @jknappen, @Pouya, @Przemysław Scherwent, @Bernard, @Rmano, @koleygr, @ShreevatsaR, @Sandy G.

Note: @Harish Kumar, Where're you?

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