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NTS: Please ensure you fully understand every single advance in n time physics in the community before started ranting about n time physics again

NTS: Please do not make anymore passive aggressive comments in any media else you will be suspended


I also ask questions from physics topics (also in physics stack exchange) but most of these concern about the mathematical rigor since physicists are often sloppy with the maths thus making where and how the equations are derived less clear when trying to understand by "shut up and calculate". By understand how mathematicians derive these equations, it can be compared with those of physicists in order to gain more insights and be more aware of hidden assumptions that exists only in a physical world, thus a better understanding of the scope of the equations in order to further do research in physics while ensuring one is on the right track (at least mathematically)

Common types observed are:

  1. Mathematical derivation or physical interpretation of the mathematics in the derivation

  2. Experiments and theoretical developments in a topic

  3. Quantum mechanics, General relativity, thermodynamics, negative mass

*4. Time travel for multiple observers and Back to the Future style time travel models using mainstream physics speculations

Science Education

The importance of the role in education in advancing science is well recognised. In the context of physics, I am interested in, if possible, obtaining and building "lossless representations" of a given physics concept.

A lossless representation is a non word based information communication method (such as pictures, graphs etc.) that contains sufficient information to allow many subtleties and exceptional cases of a field of study (which is usually overlooked by analogies and only apparent in the more rigorous) to be covered, the the point that theoretically the field of study (or aspects of it) can be derived by manipulation of this representation

As a result,

  1. Visualisation and

  2. Ability to explain the concept losslessly to a layman such that they can easily understand it, arosing their interest and be able to experiment on it by start performing qualitative and semiquantitative computations using it

Are important considerations. This results in (often not well received) questions that seek for a physical intuition behind some concepts in quantum mechanics which relies on derivation from mathematics

For physics stack exchange users mainly

It is extremely normal for me to revisit questions I asked that might be posted months or even years ago. A question is never considered answered by me and never expires if I am not being clarified enough to accept an answer

The consequence of that is that questions, even have already been answered, will be edited to ensure all relevant content and new information that address the question can be incorporated for housekeeping purpose

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