Oussama Boussif

Hi, my name is Oussama Boussif and I'm 17 years old. I got my BAC degree this year with a "Very Good" mention, and I'm willing to continue my studies in my homecountry, Morocco, more precisely in preparatory classes that would give me the opportunity to go to to many good universities in France and the United States(it will last 2 years). I have recently got the silver medal in the national physics olympiad along with the gold medal in the General Competition in Science and Thechnology(GCST) in Physics and Chemistry. I have a keen interest in physics since I first started High School and my Dad who is a physics teacher had a part in it since he made me love this subject. I would really like to share my experience in this website even if I have a lot more to learn, and this website will give me the chance to get a deep knowledge in physics.

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