Note: I couldn't find an explanation here

I'd like to start a bounty (on a question that already received 4 answers) because:

"The current answers do not contain enough detail.."

Could you clarify these points?

  • are the answers posted before the bounty is started excluded from the bounty?
  • what happens if no new answer is posted, since the existing ones are not considered satisfactory?
  • if there is more than one new good answer, can I divide the bounty between them? How do I do it?

Update after the answer

there are two more possibilities:

  • what happens if I do not choose an answer?
  • if I do not get any new answer and I post an answer, could I give to bounty to my own answer, even though this does not seem a great solution?
  1. No, you may award the bounty to them as well.
  2. By default, the bounty will not go to anyone.
  3. No, you cannot divide the bounty and a user can only place one bounty per question.

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