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-=~ :) I Sympathize With You :) ~=-

I'm currently a student at the University of Idaho going for my Bachelor's degree in Physics and Computer Science, but building off of a hopefully somewhat extensive, and a bit unorthodox, self-taught background from before that. I like science (both natural sciences and PEOPLE sciences), mathematics, computer programming, philosophy (including feminist philosophy), and also being kind, generous, and helpful to Other People(TM), including advocacy and support for constructive social, political, and environmental causes with an eye toward reconciling and transcending partisanship while focusing deeply on what is right and beneficial to life and the need to avoid and correct what is wrong and harmful to life.

I value Kindness very, very much and the one thing I won't ever do is attack You personally. I may disagree with what you believe, but I'd rather educate You on why it's wrong - if it is! - than simply resort to a petty personal attack. If though all you can provide is petty attacks, I won't bother spending much time to argue because there's nothing about them that can be argued against, and furthermore I think you are doing yourself a disfavor by being mean to other people especially ones who want to try to extend goodness your way. I probably will still try to argue what I can though for the benefit of other readers - which is another reason I tend to disavow such attacks because they often might intimidate invisible others who are seeking knowledge and who might tentatively agree with the position being critiqued but are still open to other possibilities from dropping in and asking a question lest they be themselves attacked personally. I know of far too many times when I was in that same position and had to spend extra effort to find out why the "bad" side was wrong, or even that it wasn't necessarily 100% wrong after all, that could have been avoided with a simple question I was too afraid to ask out of fear of assumptions being made. That's another good thing to remember. Very often, the truth of things is never entirely one side xor the other, even if it may be close. It could be somewhere in between, or it could be somewhat (even if only a bit!) along one or more axes orthogonal to the segment spanning the two points. Very often we only see two possibilities because of a limited conception of the full possibility space which may be of cardinal higher than 2, if not better modeled as a manifold of dimension at least 1, with the two poles being interior points, and perhaps even something more elaborate still :) The truth is a point in this space (or perhaps a set of points?), but the space itself may be immense and it will be missed if you take too small a subspace into your consideration. Even with the idea of "Flat Earth vs. Round Earth" - couldn't be more clear cut right? 'Cept that a sphere is locally a plane :)

❤ Kindness, Love, Compassion, Mercy and Generosity ❤

:) Nnn :)

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